Hi, I’m Stephanie

I’ve loved France ever since I was a teenager, learning my first French words and taking my first trip to Paris and La Rochelle during that time. That trip was life-changing for me, and set me forever on a path of visiting France as often as possible and doing my best to become proficient in French.

Today, I’ve traveled to France 10 times, including a 3-month stint living in Paris during university. I’ve traveled throughout France during every season of the year, as a couple, with friends, with children, and by myself.

I’ve been to many, many different regions of France (and I’ve visited Paris 7 times), and I’ll never tire of exploring the beautiful cities and landscapes, learning about its rich history, and savoring the delicious food.

All my guides on France Adventurer are designed to be very detailed and focused on practical, helpful tips, to help you have the most magical holiday in France.

France Travel Consultation Services

Besides the guides I provide on my site, I also offer consultation services to help you plan your trip to France. Whether you want to design your trip from scratch, narrow down options, or just get feedback on your plans or have specific questions to be answered, I can help!

👉You can get all the information, access my calendar, and book your consultation time slot here

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